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sheerpussy from Southland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Saying good things about one's self is overrated. So now, I am going to tell you bad things about me. Wait, now that I've thought about it, there's no...
dFlowerLilly from Southland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
My unpopular opinion: I don't enjoy receiving compliments as another woman does. Don't get me wrong, it's sweet that they give them but it's just not ...
chancetobehappy from Southland,New Zealand
I would very much love to show you how a good girl like me can be bad in bed but for now, we are stuck in front of our screens. The only thing that we...
love2betouched from Southland,New Zealand
I am calm, understanding, and honest. I am also a woman of my words that's why I don't really like guys who are only good with words but not with acti...
HornyErin from Southland,New Zealand
I'm only here because I am bored. As much as I want to go out and have some fun, my body is already running on fume. I wish I am younger because being...

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filthycunt from Southland,New Zealand
Being horny is not a bad thing, right? Well, I just asked because I am horny all the time. I tend to crave for hotties who have big dicks and who love...
CarefulDunker from Southland,New Zealand
I am a local girl who loves sports. I am happiest whenever I am outside sweating and making myself tired. Whether it’s going for a morning run in th...
buttercup69 from Southland,New Zealand
I just got out of a five-year relationship and it’s hard as fuck. I love keeping myself busy by creating a list of things to do every day because ev...
FoxxxyBtch from Southland,New Zealand
I firmly believe that the best moments in life are the ones that you can’t tell anyone about. Therefore, I am here looking for a young man who can m...
handjobExpert from Southland,New Zealand
Once you message me, it's all about honesty. If you are uncomfortable answering some of my questions, just say so, I'd understand. Though, I doubt you...

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