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SISSY TRANSFORMATION GUIDE For a relatively small donation I can provide a complete starter crossdresser pack. A transformation includes: panty hose or nylons with panties, or thigh hi stockings, a wig, a bra, a sexy dress and high heels, and full make up foundation blush concealer eyeshadow eyeliner mascara french nails, lacy panties, fishnet stockings, and crossdresser costumes and fantasy wear available by request. Delivered in a random box to your door and 'yes' I will make sure your home to collect so your goods are safe and secure. Links to makeup tutorials and other sissy information to assist in your needs. I get it your way to shy to go shopping, what would the workers and shoppers think or Maybe your bald and enjoy the rush when dressing up or shopping but we're not all that brave so I thought i don't mind shopping for those who want to keep a secret, I won't tell anyone .! promise!. p. s. I have lists of sexy names you can try maybe your a crystal or a rose? see what you feel comfortable with, it's your new name now, it's ok embrace the sissy inside. leave your email address and I will send you further information if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let me know in your response thank you from Big cheese.

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